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M141 Munition - Bunker Buster

Weapon destorys enemy bunkers and other structures in war zones.


The U.S. military uses the M141 bunker defeat munition to take out enemy bunkers and other hardened structures.

Single Shot

The M141 bunker defeat munition is a single shot weapon fired from a shoulder mounted casing. The M141 was designed to help the U.S. military destroy enemy bunkers and other buildings and structures in war zones such as Iraq. The M141 operates similar to a recoilless rifle. The warhead on the M141 munition is highly explosive and can be dangerous if fired in enclosed spaces. The weapon is primarily used in outdoor, open areas.

The M141 weapon has proven to be effective when used against concrete bunkers, light armored vehicles and buildings made of brick and masonry. The projectile warhead fired from the M141 is able to penetrate eight inches of concrete, 12 inches of brick and 6.9 feet of sandbags. The warhead typically detonates immediately on contact with hard surfaces. But the detonation can be delayed when hitting a soft target such as sandbags. This allows the warhead to bury itself deep inside a soft target. The M141 is designed by weapons manufacturer McDonnell-Douglas.

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