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FN-303 - Non-Lethal Weapon

Unique weapon was designed for riot control and to put down civil unrest.


FN-303 - Non-Lethal Weapon

The FN-303 is a non-lethal weapon that is widely used by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Riot Control

The FN-303 was developed by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, a weapon’s manufacturer headquartered in Belgium. The FN-303 is a semi-automatic, non-lethal weapon that was originally designed to help control riots and civil unrest. However, the FN-303 is also used to subdue enemy combatants, mark violent suspects, to break up domestic violence situations, and at border crossings.

The FN-303 uses compressed air to fire projectiles that typically break apart on impact. The projectiles do not penetrate a person’s body like a bullet. The projectiles are fired from a 15-round drum configured magazine. The FN-303 subdues people through blunt trauma that is non-lethal. The weapon rarely inflicts critical injuries on people. The FN-303 can be fired on its own as a shoulder mounted weapon, or it can be attached underneath assault rifles and used in tandem with more lethal weapons such as an M-16 rifle. The FN-303 can be outfitted with tactical lights and a laser sighting system.

Spherical Projectiles

The FN-303 shoots spherical, fin-stabilized projectiles. The projectiles break apart almost immediately on impact. The weapon has an effective range of about 70 meters and weighs about five pounds when fully loaded. Other countries that use the FN-303 include Belgium, Luxembourg, Libya, Georgia and Turkey. The U.S. Military uses the weapon across all branches of the Armed Forces. The FN-303 is also deployed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

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