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First Strike Ration - Keeping Soldiers Moving

Compact meal kit helps soldiers stay alert and on the move in combat zones.


Updated August 17, 2011

When first entering a combat zone or conflict area, U.S. soldiers rely on the First Strike Ration to keep them energized and focused.

Enhancing Mental and Physical Performance

The First Strike Ration is a compact food kit designed to be eaten by soldiers on the move during the first 72 hours of a conflict. The U.S. military claims that the First Strike Ration enhances soldiers’ mental and physical performance and keeps them moving during the start of a conflict when adrenaline is flowing and there is often confusion and stress placed on soldiers. The First Strike Ration is designed by the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts.

The First Strike Ration provides soldiers with 2,900 calories and consists of familiar foods that are easy to consume when on the go. Soldiers do not have to add water to the First Strike Ration to eat any of the meals contained in it. First Strike Rations consist of a variety of different food ranging from a French Toast pocket, Trail Mix and caffeinated chewing gum to Tuna sandwiches, Lemon pound cake and Apple Cider. The First Strike Ration has a shelf life of about two years and is much more light weight than comparable meals eaten by soldiers in the field.

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