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Enhanced Tactical Computer - Connecting Soldiers

Combat operational computer is used by soldiers to perform a variety of tasks.


Updated June 21, 2011

When operating in harsh combat environments, U.S. soldiers rely on the Enhanced Tactical Computer to keep them connected to each other and the wider world.

Rugged Tablet Computer

The Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC) is a rugged tablet-type computer that resembles an iPad and has been built to withstand extreme weather conditions and combat environments. U.S. soldiers use the portable computers to help them perform a variety of critical functions while fighting in war zones around the world – from locating an enemy position to staying in contact with their base camp.

The Enhanced Tactical Computer has been designed to operate in extreme conditions ranging from temperatures as cold as -25 degrees Celsius to as hot as 55 degrees Celsius. The computers are state-of-the-art and feature easy to use touch screens, removable hard drives, and embedded GPS device, USB ports, and a LAN jack. The computers also feature a sun-readable display – which means they can be read despite the glare of a harsh desert sun, and each computer is compatible with both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Encrypted Messages

Several militaries around the world – including Israel – use the Enhanced Tactical Computer or some version of it to help soldiers effectively operate in hostile combat zones. The computers can be configured to send encrypted messages that cannot be deciphered by enemy forces, and they can also be used to jam enemy communications and radars. The U.S. military has used the Enhanced Tactical Computer extensively during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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