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Advanced Bomb Suit - Protection From Bombs

Special suit keeps soldiers safe from explosive devices found in war zones.


Advanced Bomb Suit - Protection From Bombs
Updated September 20, 2011

U.S. soldiers tasked with disposing of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other dangerous items rely on the Advanced Bomb Suit to keep them safe.  

Blast Pressure

U.S. soldiers who specialize in disarming bombs and IEDS typically work in Explosive Ordinance Disposal units. They have the delicate job of assessing and neutralizing highly explosive devices that are frequently found in war zones amidst intense fighting. These soldiers use full body Advanced Bomb Suits to protect themselves from fragmentation, heat, flames and the blast pressure that comes from bombs and IEDs when they detonate.

Current versions of the Advanced Bomb Suit have been designed to maximize the protection of soldiers, as well as provide them with some level of comfort and ergonomics in hot desert climates. Advanced Bomb Suits are comprised of Kevlar, which is found in bullet proof and ballistic vests. They also have an outer jacket made of flame resistant Nomex / Kevlar, crotch-less trousers, a groin cup and rigid ballistic panels.

Helmet and Microphone

The Advanced Bomb Suit also comes with a large, sturdy helmet that protects soldiers from fragments that travel at up to nearly 700 miles an hour. The helmet comes equipped with a visor to cover the face and is made of a lightweight, high strength fiber. Also built into the helmets is a microphone and speaker that allows members of Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams to communicate with their superiors or others located at safe distances from a potential blast site. Ventilation and cooling systems can be built into the suits to keep soldiers comfortable in hot environments.

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