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DRASH Shelters - Replacing The Military Tent

New system provides soldiers with more than shelter.


DRASH Shelters - Replacing The Military Tent

The DRASH shelter system is turning the concept of the military tent on its head.

Flooring and Generators

Traditionally, the U.S. military has relied on tents to provide soldiers with shelter in harsh weather environments or during combat operations. But the tent is being replaced across the U.S. military with the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter – known by the acronym "DRASH." This system provides a portable shelter to soldiers that can be easily set-up within minutes without the use of any tools.

DRASH shelters range in size from about 100 square feet up to 1,200 square feet. Each shelter comes with flooring made of polyester or nylon, and can be equipped with power generators to provide lighting and heat. Several DRASH shelters can be attached together to make a larger complex at a base camp. Each shelter can be shrunk down to about 2% of its full size for easy storage and transport. The shelters are erected by pulling on all sides and applying pressure to a few push points. No tools required.

Used by NATO

DRASH shelters are being used by the U.S. and militaries around the world. The shelters have become popular among militaries that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). DRASH shelters have been used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. The shelters are used as living quarters, military command posts, communication centers, and as field hospitals. The DRASH system has also been used in civilian emergencies such as in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and in Haiti following a devastating earthquake.

DHS Systems LLC, the company that manufactures the DRASH system, is working to develop shelters that are more energy efficient and use less power. The company is also developing new shelters that help reduce radio interference and protect sensitive communications equipment from electro-magnetic shocks.

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