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Dragon Skin Body Armor - Protecting Soldiers

Controversial ballistic vests save soldiers from explosions and bullets


Dragon Skin Body Armor - Protecting Soldiers

Dragon Skin body armor has been developed to protect U.S. soldiers from a growing number of explosive devices and bullets on battlefields around the world.

Lying on a Grenade

Dragon Skin is an extremely strong and durable ballistic vest that has been designed by Pinnacle Armor of Fresno, California. The Dragon Skin body armor has been developed to help soldiers better withstand powerful direct explosions and hits from bullets and shrapnel. Some military observers claim that the Dragon Skin vests are so tough they can protect a soldier who is lying down on an exploding grenade. Tests have shown the body armor can withstand 40 rounds of ammunition at close range.

The Dragon Skin vests also claim to be more light weight and provide a greater range of motion than traditional military body armor. What makes the Dragon Skin body armor so strong is its unique design. The vests are made with discs of silicon carbide ceramic and laminates that interlock much like medieval chain mail armor. Dragon Skin vests also disburse the impact from explosions and bullets over a greater surface area on the body – blunting the impact of a direct hit on a soldier.

Special Forces and CIA

While Dragon Skin body armor has not been adopted widely across the U.S. military, it is being used by U.S. Special Forces and Central Intelligence Agency operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ballistic vests are also in use with several U.S. SWAT teams and the U.S. Secret Service who are charged with protecting the American President.

Despite its claims of providing superior protection in combat, and its popularity among some military experts, the Dragon Skin body armor has encountered controversy. Testing done by the U.S. Army in 2006 found that the Dragon Skin vests were not proven to be effective. Similar testing problems were encountered by the U.S. Air Force. Also, some Dragon Skin vests have been sold on the website "eBay," contravening U.S. military policy.

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