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CornerShot - Targeting Enemies Around Corners

Future weapon allows soldiers to target and shoot around corners.


CornerShot - Targeting Enemies Around Corners

With the development of the CornerShot, U.S. Special Forces are finally able to target and shoot around corners.

Terrorists and Hostages

The CornerShot is a semi-automatic pistol with a hinge in the center that allows the barrel to pivot to the left or right while the handle and trigger remain fixed and stationary. This allows soldiers to literally shoot around corners in either direction. A flashlight and digital camera are mounted on the weapon in the position normally reserved for a bayonet. This allows soldiers to identify and target enemies around corners. The CornerShot keeps soldiers out of the line of fire while allowing them to target and shoot enemies around corners.

The CornerShot has been developed for use by Special Forces and SWAT teams, and was originally designed to help with terrorist standoffs involving unarmed hostages. As of late 2010, the CornerShot weapon has been used by militaries and law enforcement agencies in 15 countries around the world – including the U.S., Israel and England. The weapon has also been featured in some Hollywood movies and television shows.

An Old Concept

While the CornerShot is considered a state-of-the-art weapon, the idea of developing a weapon to shoot around corners is not new. During World War II, the Nazi Army developed the StG-44 Krummlauf, a rifle that had a curved barrel and mirror mounted on the tip to allow soldiers to see and shoot around corners. So called "periscope rifles" were invented during the First World War to allow soldiers to target enemy positions from down in a trench.

The CornerShot is being developed in a number of different variations, including with a 40 millimeter grenade launcher version, and an anti-tank version. The weapon is being developed by Corner Shot Holdings LLC of Miami, Florida. The manufacturer claims the weapon is accurate within 100 meters. Several countries are developing similar type weapons – including South Korea, China and Pakistan. 

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