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CheyTac Rifle - Accuracy From A Distance

Unique sniper rifle holds records for shooting distances and accuracy


CheyTac Rifle - Accuracy From A Distance

The CheyTac Intervention sniper rifle has earned a reputation for deadly accuracy across great distances.

Long Range Weapon

The CheyTac Intervention M-200 has one of the longest ranges of any modern sniper rifle. The weapon is capable of hitting a target from 2,500 yards, or about 1.5 miles. The CheyTac holds several long range shooting records for distance and accuracy.

The sniper rifle is manufactured by gun maker Randy Kobzeff for use by the U.S. military. The CheyTac Intervention has been is use with the U.S. military since 2001. The rifle is bolt action and bullets are fed into the weapon from a single stack magazine that holds seven rounds. The sniper rifle fires .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac bullets.

Unique Features

The CheyTac sniper rifle system has several unique features, including low drag bullets and a tactical computer that is capable of measuring weather conditions that may impact the rifle’s performance such as wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The rifle also has an advanced telescopic scope, night vision capabilities, and a laser targeting system. These features help ensure that the CheyTac Intervention performs with the highest level of accuracy. The rifle weighs about 30 pounds without its scope attached.

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