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Bunny Boots - Keeping Soldiers' Feet Warm and Dry

Special boots are used by U.S. soldiers in Arctic conditions.


Bunny Boots - Keeping Soldiers' Feet Warm and Dry
Updated June 06, 2011

When operating in cold Arctic conditions, U.S. soldiers rely on "Bunny Boots" to keep their feet warm and dry.

Extreme Cold Weather

Although U.S. military operations are focused primarily in the desserts of the Middle East, there is still a contingent of America’s Armed Forces that operate in Arctic conditions – notably in Alaska. The U.S. military also regularly assists with patrols of the Canadian Arctic as part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The cold conditions found in North America’s Arctic region require soldiers to wear a variety of special gear to stay warm and protect their skin from frostbite and other potential problems. And nothing is more important than keeping soldiers’ feet warm and dry – which is why U.S. soldiers rely on Bunny Boots.

"Bunny Boots" is a popular nickname for the "Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots" that are issued to U.S. soldiers working in winter conditions. The boots are designed to work in extreme cold weather of up to -65 degrees Fahrenheit. The boots keep soldiers feet warm using up to one inch of wool and felt insulation between two layers of rubber. Soldiers typically wear a pair of thick wool socks with the boots for added warmth. The boots typically come in the colour white. However, there is a black pair of the boots available, which soldiers affectionately call "Mickey Mouse Boots."

Used by Civilians

Originally designed for use by military personnel only, Bunny Boots have become popular with civilians living in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Many civilians rely on the boots to keep their feet warm and dry in extremely cold winter weather. Both Bunny Boots and Mickey Mouse Boots contain an air valve that must be opened prior to flying. The change in air pressure that is experienced when flying can cause the boots to rupture if the air trapped between the insulation layers is not released. 


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