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Military Binoculars - Locating The Enemy

Modern binoculars helps soldiers locate enemy positions and targets.


Military Binoculars - Locating The Enemy

Military binoculars have come a long way since the Second World War.

Battle Tested

During the Second World War, the U.S. military used heavy, clunky binoculars that constantly needed to be adjusted and were capable of seeing a few hundred yards. Extremely large binoculars known as “rangefinders” were mounted on naval ships during the Second World War and used to spot targets as far away as 25 kilometers. These rangefinders weighed as much as 10 tons.

Today, U.S. soldiers use ultra light weight binoculars that have been battle tested and can withstand numerous shocks and extreme weather conditions. One of the most widely used military binoculars today is the "Steiner 8 x 30 Tactical Binocular." This piece of equipment is fog proof, water proof, and extremely light weight. It can keep objects in focus from 20 meters to infinity and can be adjusted to each soldier’s individual eye.

Measuring Distance

Many of today’s binoculars come equipped with a  "reticle" in the right viewing field, which helps soldier’s gauge the distance to an object. This helps when aiming and targeting items in combat. Many modern binoculars also come with sensors that blunt the impact of light dazzlers and lasers on the battlefield. Light dazzlers and other lasers are used in battle to temporarily blind or distract soldiers.

Some military binoculars come with 30 year warranties and are able to function for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions. Although they have changed a lot over the years, military binoculars today still serve the same function – helping soldiers locate enemy positions and targets.

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