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AT4 - Targeting Armored Vehicles

Light and portable anti-tank weapon is popular with a number of militaries.


AT4 - Targeting Armored Vehicles

The AT4 is one of the most popular and reliable anti-tank weapons used by militaries around the world.

Disabling Armored Vehicles

The AT4 weapon is a light, portable and unguided anti-tank weapon. It is manufactured by the Swedish company "Saab Bofors Dynamics" and typically fires a single shot missile. The AT4 was developed to help infantry soldiers effectively disable and destroy armoured vehicles in combat. The weapon’s light weight and portability allow the AT4 to also be used within confined spaces such as buildings and bunkers.

Owing to its portability and effectiveness, the AT4 has become one of the most widely used anti-tank weapons in the world. Countries that use the weapon include the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Brazil, and Ireland. The AT4 launcher is usually discarded after a single missile or projectile has been fired. And, while the AT4 is formally known as an anti-tank weapon, it is not powerful enough to destroy most main battle tanks, which are extremely well fortified.

Panama to Iraq

The U.S. military began using the AT4 weapon in the early 1980s. Since then it has been used in combat during the U.S. Invasion of Panama as well as in current military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The AT4 has been used against a range of armoured vehicles and enemy locations such as buildings, bunkers and camps. Saab Bofors Dynamics has manufactured about 600,000 AT4 weapons since the early 1980s.

Each AT4 costs about US$1,500.00 to purchase. The weapon weighs about 15 pounds fully loaded and has an effective range of 500 meters. The AT4 comes with optional night vision capabilities and holds an 84 millimeter missile / projectile. Soldiers typically carry the AT4 slung over their shoulder like a rifle.

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