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ASEK Knife - Helping Soldiers Survive

New survivial instrument gives U.S. soldiers an edge in combat.


ASEK Knife - Helping Soldiers Survive

The Aircrew Survival Egress Knife helps U.S. soldiers survive in difficult situations and harsh environments.

Survival Instrument

The Aircrew Survival Egress Knife is known in the U.S. military by the acronym “ASEK,” or “ASEK knife.” It has been designed as a survival instrument to help soldiers operating on airplanes and helicopters survive after a crash or when on the ground in harsh environments. The ASEK knife first entered service with the U.S. military in 2003. By the end of 2010, about 12,000 of the knives had been issued to soldiers.

The ASEK knife was developed to replace a previous survival knife that had been in use with the U.S. military since World War Two. The U.S. Army Aviation Branch had the ASEK knife designed to meet a number of very specific primary requirements that included the ability to saw through aircraft skin and glass windows found on military airplanes. The ASEK knife was also designed so that it could be used as a hammer, a stabbing weapon, and tied to a stick for use as a spear.

Secondary Features

The ASEK knife is manufactured by the Ontario Knife Company based in Franklinville, New York. The weapon is extremely light weight and has a number of impressive secondary features, including the ability to cut through the aluminum hull of an airplane and to be used as a screwdriver. The knife is 10.25 inches in length with a blade that is five inches long. The ASEK knife is made of carbon steel.

U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been using the ASEK knife and praising its strength and versatility.  Some soldiers in combat have used the knife to cut parachutes, metal sheeting, and even electrical cables. The U.S. Army’s Defense Supply Center is responsible for ordering the weapon for soldiers. 

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