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Army Combat Shirt - Cool and Safe

Unique clothing helps keep soldiers cool and comfortable in the desert.


Army Combat Shirt - Cool and Safe

U.S. soldiers operating in hot desert environments rely on the Army Combat Shirt to keep them safe and cool.


The Army Combat Shirt is a light weight piece of clothing that soldiers wear in combat zones. The shirt is flame-resistant and is typically worn with an Improved Outer Tactical Vest in hot desert environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army Combat Shirt has been designed to keep soldiers cool and comfortable in extremely hot conditions, and prevent them from overheating while performing strenuous activities. The Army Combat Shirt is made from lightweight, moisture wicking fabric that breathes well.

The Army Combat Shirt is manufactured using the "Universal Camouflage Pattern" and has the "Army Strong" logo on its front. The shirt is made using a combination of three separate flame-resistant fabrics. In the past, flame-resistant military wear was reserved for combat pilots, fuel handlers and combat vehicle crews. However, the increasing use of makeshift bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in places such as Iraq have caused the U.S. military to issue flame-resistant clothing to all combat soldiers.

The Army Combat Shirt has proved so popular with American military troops, that the U.S. military is now developing a "Winter Army Combat Shirt." This shirt would also be flame-resistant, but designed to keep soldiers warm and dry in cold winter environments.

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