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Army Aircrew Combat Uniform - Protecting Soldiers

Special flight suit protects soldiers from fire, bullets and shrapnel.


Army Aircrew Combat Uniform - Protecting Soldiers
Updated September 20, 2011

When flying in combat, Army aircrews rely on a special uniform to keep them safe.

Fire Resistant

Known as the "Army Aircrew Combat Uniform," this special uniform consists of a two piece flight suit that is fire resistant and protects soldiers from burns from flash fires on an aircraft. The aircrew combat uniform is also comprised partly of Kevlar, which provides protection from bullets and shrapnel. The current version of the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform is made in the universal camouflage pattern and is designed with a stand-up collar to protect soldiers’ vital neck area.

Other features of the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform include an adjustable waist, utility pockets on the jacket, and as many as nine pockets on the trousers. The full uniform has been designed to protect aircrews that are flying dangerous combat missions and subject to enemy fire. The uniform improves a soldier’s chances of survival should the aircraft they’re in be hit by enemy fire. The Army Aircrew Combat Uniform can be worn with the Air Warrior Microclimate Cooling Vest. The uniform is made of 92 per cent Nomex material, five per cent Kevlar, and three per cent anti-static fiber. 

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