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AN/TPS-58 Radar - Detecting Enemy Fire

Vehicle-mounted radar system helps locate and track enemy positions.


AN/TPS-58 Radar - Detecting Enemy Fire
Updated June 20, 2011

The AN/ TPS-58 radar is used by the U.S. military for surveillance in trouble spots and to detect artillery bursts fired from enemy positions.

Vehicle-Mounted Radar

The AN/TPS-58 Moving Target Locating Radar is a radar set that is mounted on a vehicle and used by U.S. soldiers to conduct surveillance and detect enemy fire in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Each AN/TPS-58 radar weighs 3,500 pounds and employs a truncated parabolic reflector antenna. The radar system can detect enemy fire and personnel from as far away as 12 kilometers. Enemy vehicles can be located from 20 kilometers away.

The primary function of the AN/TPS-58 radar is to locate and identify enemy targets on the ground. The radar system is also used to target enemy positions for attack by U.S. weapons. The AN/TPS-58 radar can also help move friendly military patrols to specific locations and areas. The radar system is frequently deployed in support of U.S. artillery divisions. However, they AB/TPS-58 is also been used to support survey and intelligence units.   

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