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Bosnia & Kosovo

Military Wars, Contingencies, and Deployments - Bosnia & Kosovo. Information about U.S. Military wars, contingencies, and deployments to Bosnia & Kosovo.

Kosovo Photos
Photos of the United States Military in action in Kosovo.

Off to Bosnia
The 49th Armored Division of the Texas Army National Guard are off to Bosnia - a feature Article from your Guide to Austin Texas.

Allied Forces in Southern Europe
NATO Information site for news and information about forces in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Bosnia Archives
Archived news and information about U.S. Forces in Bosnia.

Email to Bosnia
Send email and letters to "Any Servicemember." This organization will ensure the mail is sent to lonely troops stationed in Bosnia.

KFOR Online
NATO's official Internet Web Site for Kosovo news.

Kosovo Daily
Check here for daily updates on Operation Allied Force, NATO's military operation in Kosovo.

Kosovo Information
U.S. State Department's Site for information about Kosovo.

Kosovo News
Extensive news and information about Kosovo from CNN.com.

Operation Allied Force
Information about the mission, troops, and combat gear for the current operation in Kosovo.

Organization for Security and Cooperation and Europe/Bosnia- Herzogivina.

SFOR Informer
Online edition of NATOs information newsletter for military personnel involved in the Kosovo operation.

Task Force Eagle
Current information and news about U.S. Forces in Bosnia

Task Force Falcon
Information, news, and photos about the U.S. Army's presence in Kosovo.

U.S. Agency for International Development Mission in Bosnia and Herzogivina.

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