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T-38 Talon - Supersonic Trainer Jet

Venerable aircraft is the most widely used trainer jet in the world.


T-38 Talon - Supersonic Trainer Jet

The T-38 Talon is the most widely used military jet trainer in the world.

First Supersonic Trainer

The T-38 Talon trainer aircraft is manufactured by Northrop Corp. It was first introduced in 1961 and was the world’s first supersonic jet trainer ever produced. The aircraft remains in active duty as of 2011 and is used to train fighter pilots around the world. Militaries that use the T-38 Talon include the U.S., Germany, Turkey, Korea and China.

In the U.S., the T-38 Talon is used by the Air Force, Navy and NASA – which uses the aircraft to help train astronauts. The T-38 Talon seats a pilot student and instructor, and uses turbojet rockets and an extremely light airframe to give the aircraft a fast and nimble performance. The T-38 Talon is known as the “white rocket” in the U.S. Air Force. The jets have set several records for speed and their climbing ability.

There has been speculation that the U.S. military wants to replace the T-38 Talon trainer jets. Some military observers have speculated that the Chinese manufactured L-15 aircraft could replace the T-38 Talon. But, as of 2011, there were no plans formally announced to replace the venerable aircraft.

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