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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona


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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona

MCAS Yuma main gate entrance

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is the busiest air station in the Marine Corps and the third busiest in the Naval service. Yuma is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Arizona, 21 miles north of the Mexican border. The county shares a common boundary with the state of California along the Colorado river.

Its primary mission is to support aerial weapons training for the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Marine Forces and Navy, and to serve as a base of operations for Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1, and Third MAW units, to include Marine Aircraft Group-13. Yuma International Airport is a commercial service airport at a shared-use airfield with Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma.

MCAS Yuma was established in 1928. During World War II in 1943, the base became one of the busiest flying schools in the nation. At the end of the war, all flight activity here ceased and the area was partially reclaimed by the desert. On July 7, 1951, the Air Force reactivated the base, and the 4750th Air Base Squadron resumed training as part of the Western Air Defense Forces. The airfield was named Yuma Air Base. The facility was signed over to the Navy on January 1, 1959, and nine days later, Col L. K. Davis became the first commanding officer of the newly designated Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Station. On July 20, 1962, the designation was changed to Marine Corps Air Station.

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