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Installation Overview --MCRD San Diego, California


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --MCRD San Diego, California

MCRD San Diego, located on 506 acres of the same territory as San Diego's Lindberg Field airport, is located in downtown San Diego.

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot is located just north of the perimeter of San Diego's Lindbergh International Airport, about 2-3 miles when accessing by automobile.

Westwind Express is a military DoD shuttle located in the West Terminal. Fare and schedule information may be obtained by calling 619 693-6828. Generally, the fare from the airport to MCRD will be about $6.00. Family rates mean that the second person is charged 1/2 price, and children 3 and under ride free. Reservations are required for pick-up from the San Diego military bases.

Taxi rates from the airport to the base vary between $8.00-$13.00. It is important that you negotiate the rate for the total cost BEFORE you get into the taxi.

IF YOU ARRIVE BY AUTO: The Marine Corps Recruit Depot is located on the west side of Interstate 5 (I-5) which runs North/South. At the Old Town Avenue exit, turn right on Witherby and go for about 2 blocks until you arrive at the main gate.

IF YOU ARE TAKING A LOCAL BUS or TROLLEY: Bus & Trolley routes, fares and schedules may be obtained by calling 619 233-3004. A great deal of mass transportation route and schedule information for the greater San Diego area can also be obtained at the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System website.

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