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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia


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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia

Thomason Park Company Grade 01-03, 3 and 4 Bedroom Single Family Homes

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

Base quarters are assigned to officer and enlisted personnel according to grade and number of family members. A member must report aboard, and present a copy of his/her reporting endorsement or a memorandum for housing purposes only from the IPAC before application for quarters can be made. Also, the member must be detached from his/her previous duty station. The date of detachment from the previous duty station is the control date for the wait list, providing application is made within 30 calendar days after official reporting aboard, and will also be used when checking in for housing purposes only. A member can place his/her name on the wait list for housing prior to arrival by faxing a DD 1746 together with a copy of detachment orders. Housing is currently managed by Lincoln Property Company on behalf of the Public Private Venture.

The Housing Office is located at 13201 Perkins Street, Quantico,VA 22134-5047. Housing Office number is (703) 784-2711.

An off-base housing referral service is operated by the Family Housing Office. Incoming personnel, whether married or single, must report to this office prior to renting/purchasing in the civilian community. Personnel will receive helpful information on all types of off-base housing. A list of approved and non-approved apartment complexes/mobile home parks and other pertinent rental information is provided for those interested in renting. Service members must check in with the Housing Referral Office prior to making any arrangements for off-base housing. The number to the Family Housing Office is (703) 784-2711. DSN 278-2711. fax 784-5958.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Quantico are among the finest found anywhere in the Corps. Men and women live in centrally air conditioned and heated dormitory-type facilities with rooms designed for two, three or four persons. Each room has a private bath. Each BEQ has modern, well-furnished game rooms that feature table tennis, billiards and other entertainment. The BEQs also have several television rooms.

Bachelor Officer Quarters are in great demand at Quantico. There is a guest house available for General Officers and dignitaries at Harry Lee Hall Bldg. 17. It is available to any officer or civilian equivalent when not required for distinguished guests. There are 72 Temporary Additional Duty transient rooms, 26 transient/guest suites, four distinguished guest suites, 7 bona fide bachelor suites, and 6 foreign military officer rooms. Two computer work stations for e-mail use and word processing are available in the lobby of Liversedge Hall, Building 15. Two conference rooms are also available at Liversedge Hall to accommodate 80 to 100 in the large area and 35 to 40 in the other area. Bachelor Housing Office Phone: (703) 784-3149

There are a total of 32 bona fide bachelor rooms with private entrances at Building 3064. TAD SNCO Billeting is located in Building 15, Liversedge Hall.

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