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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia


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Since its inception in 1917, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, has been the "frontline of innovation." Marine concepts, doctrine, training, and equipment of the future are initiated aboard the Base. The techniques of amphibious warfare, for which the Corps is renowned, were conceived and perfected here. The tactics of close-air support and vertical envelopment using helicopters were also developed within its borders.

Quantico also serves as the focal point for professional military education. The Marine Corps University provides the academic platform the Corps uses to shape and hone leaders at every milestone of their professional lives. Officers in the Marine Corps begin their careers at the Officer Candidates School and The Basic School. Enlisted marines receive additional leadership training at the University's Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. The Marine Corps War College, School of Advanced Warfighting and Amphibious Warfighting School are also part of the University, training officers in the U.S. Armed Forces and international officers from designated foreign countries in the art of war.

Marine Corps Base Quantico is home to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command and numerous tenant organizations. The base staff provides infrastructure, operational, and community services support to these organizations and to the military members, families, and civilians who live and work on base. The base is also a key player in support of overall Marine Corps objectives and programs, and plays host to scores of training events, conferences, symposia, and other special events.

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