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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California


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Population/Major Units Assigned
Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California
Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

The Base is home to the I Marine Expeditionary Force, 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Logistics Group and many tenant units, including Marine Corps Installation-West, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Wounded Warriors Battalion-West, Marine Corps Air Station at Munn Field, Marine Aircraft Group 39, Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego’s Weapons & Field Training Battalion, Marine Corps and Army Reserve Forces, the Navy’s Assault Craft Unit 5, Naval Hospital and 1st Dental Battalion.

Pendleton has a population of approximately 37,000 active duty Marines and Sailors, with 27% of family members living on base and 73% living off base.

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