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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina

MCAS New River Medical/Dental Clinic

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

There are three medical facilities available to military family members stationed at MCAS New River. One is the Naval Hospital (Hospital Family Practice Clinic), located aboard Camp Lejeune which provides a wide range of medical services but some may be on a limited basis. Their hours are 8 am until 8 pm seven days a week and can be reached at 910-450-4646.

Next, is the Navy Family Practice Clinic located at 3280 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville. This facility provides services to active duty family members, retired personnel and their family members. Treatment is provided by scheduled and same day appointments. Clinic services are: acute care, chronic care, infant and children physicals, prescription refills. Hours are 8 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am until 2 pm Sat, Sun and holidays. The clinic can be reached at 910-455-1457.

The MCAS Family Practice Clinic aboard the Air Station accommodates family members for medical care as well. They can be reached at 910-449-5527 for 10 am until 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Appointments for any clinic can be made by calling 800-931-9501.

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