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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Chris Hellyar lowers the ramp in order to load a U.S. Marine CH-53 helicopter onto a C-5 Galaxy cargo plane

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps; photo by: Staff Sgt. Joseph L. Swafford Jr.

Atlantic Marine Corps Communities 866-509-2424

Bachelor Housing 910-449-6621

Bachelor Officers Quarters 910-449-6621 DSN: (DSN: 752)

Base Operator 910-451-1113 DSN: 751-1113 The base operators are on Camp Lejeune but cover MCAS New River also

Camp Lejeune Child, Youth, & Teen Programs 910-451-1315

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) (910) 449-5248/5251 DSN: 752-5248/5251

Lejeune Inn 910-451-3041

MCAS New River Child Development Center 910-449-5633

MCAS New River Branch Dental Clinic 910-449-6515/6516

Officer/VIP/DGO Quarters 910-451-2146/1385

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer(SNCO)/VIP Quarters 910-451-5262

Youth Sponsorship Program 910-449-6711

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