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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Berkeley Manor Single Family Staff NCO

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps
Camp Lejeune family housing is considered some of the finest in the Marine Corps. The 4,447 units are well maintained and are continuously updated. Many homes have been renovated, and renovations on other quarters are either in progress or programmed. All quarters offer central air conditioning and heating.

Military personnel accompanied by bona-fide dependents and permanently assigned to Camp Lejeune are eligible for family housing. They may apply for all types of quarters for which they are eligible.

Camp Lejeune housing is assigned on a voluntary basis. Applicants cannot be placed on the waiting list before the military member has officially reported for duty. Generally, there is an eight-month wait for government housing for almost all ranks. The wait varies depending on the time of year, number of family members and rank.

After officially reporting for duty, you may apply for government quarters at the Family Housing Office. An advance application for Base Housing, DD Form 1746, may be sent to the Housing Office prior to reporting for duty. Upon receipt of the application you will be placed on the inactive waiting list until you have physically checked in to your unit and reported to Family Housing.

If you physically report to Family Housing within 30 calendar days after reporting for duty at Camp Lejeune/New River, your control date will be the date of detachment from your last permanent duty station.

BOQ/BEQ housing is available to all members not having bona-fide dependents residing with them. BOQ spaces are located throughout Camp Lejeune and reservations can be made at the desired location, All Points Inn, Camp Geiger, Camp Johnson, Courthouse Bay, and MCAS New River.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (E-6 to E-9) are located throughout Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River. Geographical Bachelors are provided with quarters on a space available basis. Many times this is not available to members in the grade of E-4 and up. Enlisted members, E-1 through E-5 are provided with quarters via their unit assigned Barracks.

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