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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

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Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps Camp Lejeune is located in southeastern North Carolina in Onslow County. For more than a half-century, Camp Lejeune has been the home base for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2d Marine Division, 2d Force Service Support Group and other combat units and support commands.

The largest Marine Corps base on the East Coast, Camp Lejeune plays an important role in the Marine Corps’ expeditionary abilities. The base actively maintains combat-ready units for deployment, including the II Marine Expeditionary Force, a Marine Air Ground Task Force of 47,000 Marines and Sailors. Several training schools are housed at Camp Lejeune, including Camp Geiger, the Marine Corps School of Infantry, East; and Camp Johnson, the Marine Corps Combat Service Support School.

In April 1941, construction was approved on an 11,000-acre tract in Onslow County, North Carolina. On May 1 of that year, Lt. Col. William P. T. Hill began construction on Marine Barracks New River. The first base headquarters was in a summer cottage on Montford Point, and then moved to Hadnot Point in 1942. Later that year it was renamed in honor of the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune.

The mission of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is to support the various Marine Corps commands, a major Navy command and a Coast Guard command as well as the Marine Corps Base (MCB) itself. Camp Lejeune owns all the real estate, operates entry level and career level formal schools, and provides support and training for tenant commands. Camp Lejeune with its various satellite camps, housing, training areas and New River Air Station is the largest concentration of marines and sailors in the world. From the young man or woman reporting aboard for their first assignment to the seasoned veteran, and from the dense foliage of woodland cover to sandy beaches and ocean front training area, Camp Lejeune is truly the "Home of Expeditionary Forces in Readiness".

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