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Installation Overview - -Marine Corps Base Hawaii


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Installation Overview - -Marine Corps Base Hawaii

A child points to a passing marching unit during the annual Columbus Day Parade

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps; photo by Sgt. Randall A Clinton
There are no DODDS Schools in Hawaii.

MCBH School Liaison (SL) Office is available to assist relocating families with school age children with their educational resources and support.

By law, all children are required to attend school from the year they become age 6 until age 18, or until graduation from high school if that comes earlier. Certain exceptions are allowed with Department of Education (DOE) approval. Kindergarten is not required, but is offered in the public schools. Children may start kindergarten in September of the calendar year in which they reach age 5.

If you have a child who will be entering school for the first time in the state, you must provide to the school:

* Tuberculin test or chest X-ray results: All students must show evidence of a negative TB test or X-ray before they can be admitted to school.
* Test results must be completed and documented within one year prior to entry into Hawaii's school system. X-ray required if skin test is positive. Only PPD tests (not tine) are acceptable.
* Complete health record to prove that a physical examination, a negative tuberculin test, and all required immunizations have been completed.
* In lieu of a completed health record, a signed statement from your doctor within seven (7) days of starting school to prove that your child is in the process of completing the health requirements. In this case, the law allows your child 90 days to complete all the health requirements with the exception of a tuberculin test.
* If all health requirements are not met within the specified time limits, your child will be withdrawn from school.

Bus services fall into two categories: full subsidy or partial subsidy.

Full subsidy transportation (free bus services) is provided for special education students who have transportation as a related service as part of their Hawaii IEP; free bus service is also provided for those students which the SIP Center assigns to Aikahi, Lanikai, Kainalu or Kailua Elementary Schools.

A partial subsidy is provided for students attending school in their assigned school district more than a mile from school. This means that theses students who live more than one mile from school pay 10 cents each way to ride the school bus.

The Joint Education Center (JEC) is fully staffed and very knowledgeable. Please stop by their office in Building 220 or call them at 808-257-1232 if you have further questions regarading Adult Education.

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