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Installation Overview --MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina

Naval Health Clinic - MCAS Cherry Point

Photo courtesy U.S Marine Corps

Cherry Point Naval Health Clinic, has 28 beds and 29 Dental Treatment rooms. The facility is a State-Of-The-Art, $23 million primary-care facility designed to meet the needs of the Marines and Sailors, active and retired and their families well into the 21st century.

Cherry Point Naval Health Clinic does not have an Emergency room. The Urgent Care clinic is open from 7AM to 7 PM. All emergency type situations will be handled by local ambulance services. Military Health Services users may utilize the Naval Health Clinic appointment center to schedule medical appointments by calling 866-698-5834 or 252-466-0921.


Dental for family members can be found in the local community.

The TRICARE-Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) is a voluntary comprehensive dental plan available to family members of all active duty Uniformed Services personnel. When the active duty member (sponsor) enrolls family members in the FMDP, a monthly premium is paid through payroll deduction.

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