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Installation Overview --MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina


Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

MCAS Cherry Point offers both an Officers’ and Enlisted Transient lodging facilities. Both facilities are open 7 days a week and offer 24 hour, quality, affordable lodging.

Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance on a space available basis. Before going to a motel or other temporary accommodation, a statement of “non-availability” must be obtained from either the TOQ or TEQ, which you will submit with your travel claim. A list of accommodations will be provided upon request for the local area. Each TLF offers numerous amenities such as refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, hair dryers, complimentary internet access and cable TV. Washers, dryers and vending machines are available within the facility.

No pets allowed in any of the on base transient lodging facilities aboard Cherry Point.

The Transient Officers’ Quarters/Bachelor Officers’ Quarters are located in Building 467, on Madison Drive aboard MCAS Cherry Point. Commercial phone number is 252-466-5169 or DSN 312-582-5169.

The Transient Enlisted Quarters are located in Building 3673, on “F” Street. Commercial phone number is 252-466-3060 or DSN 312-582-3060.

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