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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina


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Installation Overview --Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina

Grades Pre-K through 2nd

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

The Laurel Bay Schools are part of the larger consolidated school district known as the South Carolina/Ft. Stewart Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (SC/Ft. Stewart DoD DDESS). The Fort Jackson Schools in Columbia, SC and the Ft. Stewart Schools in Hinesville, GA are also part of our consolidated district. The schools are attended by dependent children in grades PK-6 who reside on federal property in the vicinities of Beaufort, Columbia, and Hinesville. Our students represent three branches of the Armed Forces: Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

Galer Elementary School accommodates children in grades PK-3, Elliott Elementary serves children in grades 1-3, and Bolden Elementary School houses children in grades 4-6.

Technology is integrated unto all areas of the curriculum through the use of a wide variety of software and hardware components. Students receive instruction leading to mastery of the DoDEA Technology Standards. All classrooms have computers for student use, and all schools have a computer lab. Every student has access to the Internet and electronic mail systems.

The alternative school in Beaufort County is called Right Choices and is located at 2900 Mink Point Blvd, Beaufort, SC 29902. You may contact them at 843-322-0744.

In South Carolina, parents/guardians may home school their children in one of three ways:

1. Through the local district
2. Through the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools
3. Through a private home school association

The parent must hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. The home schooling program must meet certain specified requirements for curriculum, scheduling, lesson planning and record keeping. Parents must ensure that the child has access to library facilities.

Beaufort County School District serves South Carolina's most rapidly growing county, with a student population of over 19,000 students attend 28 schools across the county.

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