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Installation Overview --Marine Corp Logistic Base Albany, Georgia


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Installation Overview --Marine Corp Logistic Base Albany, Georgia

MCLB Albany Main Gate

Photo courtesy U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is a United States Marine Corps base located just outside Albany, Georgia. The primary mission of the units on the base is to rebuild and repair ground combat and combat support equipment and to support installations on the East Coast of the United States.

The base was commissioned in 1952 as the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies. Since then, the base has gone through a number of changes, finally settling on Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in 1978, its present name. MCLB Albany is one of two logistics bases in the Marine Corps—the other is located in Barstow, Calif.

The mission of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is to provide facilities, infrastructure, and a range of tailored support services enabling supported commands aboard the installation to accomplish their assigned missions in support of the warfighter. We host many tenant organizations, the largest being Marine Corps Logistics Command. Maintenance center Albany, a subordinate command of LOGCOM, repairs, rebuilds and modifies all types of Marine Corps ground combat, combat support and combat service support equipment, all of which keep the Marine Corps operating successfully.

The base plays a strategic role as a part of the Marine Corps' efforts in the "Long War." Vehicles and other equipment damaged in Iraq or Afghanistan are brought through LOGCOM to maintenance center depots for repair and rebuild. LOGCOM also provides extensive world-wide logistics support for Marine Corps involvement in Overseas Contingency Operations. LOGCOM's MCA has provided numerous innovative methods for overcoming combat threats, such as developing mine roller technology, installing new armor and decreasing repair time to get vehicles rapidly to our warfighters. The combined efforts of the base and its tenants are critical to keeping those Marines in harms' way as safe as possible.

Official website for MCLB Albany

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