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Uniforms, Hats, Coats, and Clothing Item

Military Surplus & Shopping - Uniforms, Hats, Coats, and Clothing Items.

BDU Shorts
BDU Shorts in various styles and colors.

BDUs and Jackets
Selection of BDU pants, shirts, and jackets from Jones Surplus.

Large selection of BDU pants and shirts in various colors and sizes.

Selection of BDU shirts, pants and shorts from the Surplus Store.

Large selection of BDUs in various colors and patterns.

BDUs in a variety of colors and styles from Barre Army-Navy.

Children's Uniforms
Selection of uniforms in children's sizes.

Children's Uniforms
Children's military uniform items from Ted's Military Sales.

Children's Uniforms
BDUs in children's sizes. Available in a variety of styles and colors from Barre Army-Navy.

Flight Suits
Military flight suits and imitation flight suits from IMS.

Flight Suits
Selection of flight suits from Jones Surplus.

Flight Suits
Air Force and Navy flight suits.

Kid's Wear
Selection of BDUs, jackets, coats, and T-shirts in child sizes from the Surplus Store.

Sweaters, Vests, and Flightsuits
Selection of sweaters, vests, flight suits, and other clothing items from Ted's Military Sales.

Military - themed t-shirts in various styles, sizes, and colors.

Camouflaged T-shirts from Jones Surplus.

Choice of military T-shirts from the Surplus Store.

Ultra Cool
Cool ribbed, ventilating undergarment for wear with body armor from Bestdefense.com.

Uniform Items
Very large selection of military uniform items.

Uniforms and Jackets
Selection of BDU uniforms and jackets from Ted's Military Sales.

Women's Clothing
Uniforms and military clothing especially for women from Jones Surplus.

Military Uniforms
Siegel’s Class A Uniforms use the best and the latest technologies with superior fabrics to give our customers uniforms that are not only professional grade law enforcement Class A uniforms but are also comfortable and the most durable uniforms available. Siegels Class A uniforms keep law enforcement looking sharp.

DriFire Uniforms
The permanent, no melt, no-drip flame resistant (FR) fabrics make sure that your Navy equipment, Marine Corps equipment, Air Force equipment, US Army equipment, US Coast Guard equipment and other military apparel will not melt or fuse onto your skin, should you be exposed to open flame or fire.

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