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Individual Drill

Drill consists of certain movements by which a military unit is moved in an orderly manner from one formation to another or from one place to another. Standards such as the 24-inch step, cadence of 100 to 120 steps per minute, distance, and interval have been established to ensure movements are executed with order and precision. The task of each person is to learn these movements and execute each part exactly as described. Individuals also must learn to adapt their own movements to those of the group. Everyone in the formation must move together on command.

Below are instructions for accomplishing the major military individual drill movements:


Rest Positions

Right (Left) Face

About Face


Present Arms & Order Arms

Eyes Right (Left) & Ready Front

Marching Basics

Forward March & Halt

Double Time

Mark Time

Half Step

Right (Left) Step

Change Step

To the Rear March

Flanking Movement

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