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John Doe
P.O. Box 000
Pleasantville, Virginia 00000

Cold War Recognition, Hoffman II
200 Stovall St.
Alexandria, VA 22332-0473

Please send me a Cold War Recognition Certificate for my service to the United States government during the authorized period of September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991.

Enclosed is a copy of source document with my Social Security Number/Military Service Number/Foreign Service Number, which verifies my service during the Cold War Era. I understand that the enclosed copy of source document will not be returned.

Please mail my Cold War Recognition Certificate to the following address:

John Doe
P.O. Box 000
Pleasantville, Virginia 00000

Submission of this request confirms my faithful service to the nation during the Cold War Era. If my service was in the Armed Forces, I further certify that my discharge was honorable or general under honorable conditions. If I served as a federal civilian employee, I further certify that the character of my service was honorable.


John Doe

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