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Military Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Code
United States Air Force
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These codes are contained on military discharge documents and determine whether or not one may reenlist or enlist in a military service at a later time. In general, those who receive an Air Force RE Code of 1 may reenlist in the Air Force or another service with no problem. Individuals with an Air Force RE Code of "2" are usually ineligible to reenlist in the Air Force, but might be eligible to join another military service, if the circumstances which resulted in the code no longer apply, or if a waiver is issued. Individuals with an RE Code of "3" can normally reenlist in the Air Force or another Service, but will probably require a waiver to be processed. Individuals with an Air Force RE Code of "4" are normally not eligible to reenlist in the Air Force, nor join another service.

RE-1A - Ineligible to reenlist, but condition waived

RE-1J - Eligible to reenlist but elected to separate

RE-1K - Career airmen

RE-1M - Eligible to reenlist

RE-1P- Eligible to reenlist

RE-1Q- Eligible to reenlist

RE-1R- 1st term airmen selected for reenlistment

RE-1T- Eligible to reenlist ANG and WSAFR airmen serving involuntary or involuntary EAD

RE-12- recommended for reenlistment

RE-13- recommended for reenlistment

RE-14- recommended for reenlistment

RE-2A- HQ AFPC denied reenlistment oppo for quality reasons

RE-2B- Discharged under General or other-than-honorable conditions

RE-2C- Involuntary separation with Honorable disch

RE-2D- Returned POW w/less 6 months active duty

RE-2E- Serving a period of probation and rehab

RE-2F- Undergoing, or separated while undergoing rehab in a DoD regional confinement fac'y

RE-2G- Participating in Substance Abuse Reorientation and Treatment prog for drugs, or has failed to complete reorientation.

RE-2H- Participating in Substance Abuse Reorientation and Treatment prog for alcohol, or has failed to complete reorien

RE-2I- Non U.S. citizen serving on initial enlistment

RE-2J- Under investigation by mili or civ auth which may result in discharge or court-martial

RE-2K- Formally notified of involuntary separation

RE-2L- Civil court charges pending for offense the MCM authorizes confinement; or court martial charges preferred; or court martial conviction under appellate review

RE-2M- Serving sentence or suspended CM sentence; or separated while serving or suspended CM sentence

RE-2N- Religiouus conscientious objector preclude unrestricted assignment

RE-2P- AWOL; deserter dropped from rolls

RE-2Q- Medically retired or discharged

RE-2R- Airman within 23 months of 55th birthday; completed at least 18 years

RE-2S- Airman within 23 months of 55th birthday; completed at least 18 years

RE-2T- Possesses HYT date of at least 20 years; within 23 months of HYT date

RE-2U- HYT date of at least 20 years

RE-2V- Applied for retirement, or retirement approved

RE-2W- Retired and recalled to active duty

RE-2X- 1st term, 2nd term or career airman considered but not selected for reenlistment

RE-3A- 1st airman separating before 36 months; or 1st term, no prior svc; females learning of pregnancy prior to enlistment

RE-3B- 1st or 2nd term or career airman ineligible to reenlist, ineligibility condition no longer exists

RE-3C- 1st term airman not yet considered under SRP

RE-3D- 2nd term airman who refused to get PCS or TDY retainability

RE-3E- 2nd term or career airman who refused to get retainability for training or retraining or delined to attend PME

RE-3I- Airman selected for reenlistment, by HQ AFPC removed the airman's name from the CJR waiting list within 5 months of DOS

RE-3K- Reserved for use by HQ AFPC or AFB for Correction of Mili Rcds when no other reenlistment eligibility code applies

RE-3S- Separated w/Special Sep Benefit

RE-3V- Separated w/Vol Sep Incentive

RE-4A- Hardship or dependency disch

RE-4B- Exceeding body fat standards disch

RE-4C- Concealment of juvenile rcds; or minority, or faliure to meet phys standards; or failure to obtain 9.0 reading grade

RE-4D- Snr airman or Sgt w at least 9 yrs TAFMS but fewer than 16 yrs

RE-4E- A1C or below completed 31 or more months; 1st term airman; or A1C or below w

RE-4F- 5 or more days lost time. Waiver req for reenlistment

RE-4G- No AFSC skill level commensurate w/grade

RE-4H- Serving suspended punishment to Art 15

RE-4I- Serving on Control Roster

RE-4J- Entered in Phase I AF Weight Prog; or airman ineligible for period of Phase II

RE-4K- Medically disqualified for continued svc; or pending evaluation by MEB/PEB

RE-4L- Separated commissioning prog

RE-4M- Breach of enlistment/reenlistment agreement

RE-4N- Convicted by civil auth

RE-4- RE-3/93 recommended for reenlistment


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