"Band of Brothers"
by Adelle Vancil Tilton
HBO's WWII Epic Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg

Band of Brothers

"Before all this living history leaves us, let's see what there is to learn ... not about ancient times, but about human behavior, and how what they went through is reflected in how we live today."
Tom Hanks

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Episode Synopses
Follow the "Band of Brothers" each week complete with photographs.

Costumes & Weaponry
In any production, costumes are essential for creating a character, and it was no different for "Band of Brothers." As with all other aspects of the production, attention to detail was important – from the buttons on a dress, to the weave of a uniform’s fabric, to the machining marks on a weapon.

Stephen E. Ambrose
Historian Stephen E. Ambrose, author of "Band Of Brothers," discusses the story of Easy Company, how important the history of war is, and what it really means to have a commitment to democracy.

Special Effects and Stunts in the Production of "Band of Brothers"
Creating the reality of WWII for "Band of Brothers" required a great deal of planning for special effects, both involving people and landscape, achieved by the talents of several people, as they duplicated the European Theater.

Production Design And Art Direction Teams of "Band of Brothers"
Though a daunting task, the combined efforts of Daubeny, Pratt and Tomkins and their crews brought to life nearly a dozen villages of a different time, ensuring an authentic look and feel for the locations in which the heroic story of Easy Company could be told.

Boot Camp for the Actors of "Band of Brothers"
Captain Dale Dye, USMC (ret.) joined the crew as the military advisor, responsible for turning actors into soldiers and helping directors "get it right" from a military point of view. This is an article that is not to be missed.

Executive Producers of "Band of Brothers"
Executive Producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, along with Co-Executive Producer Tony To, are the driving creative force behind "Band Of Brothers."

The Music of "Band of Brothers"
Prolific, award-winning musician and composer Michael Kamen created the moving original score for HBO’s miniseries, "Band Of Brothers."

The 101st Airborne Division Facts
Find out more about the actual unit featured in "Band of Brothers" and even join in the action with a free video game.



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Band of Brothers from HBO

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