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Glossary of Military Terms

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radar advisory

radar altimetry area

radar altitude control mode

radar beacon

radar camouflage

radar clutter

radar countermeasures

radar coverage

radar danning

radar deception

radar exploitation report


radar fire

radar guardship

radar horizon

radar imagery

radar intelligence

radar netting

radar netting station

radar netting unit

radar picket

radar picket CAP

radar reconnaissance

radarscope overlay

radarscope photography

radar signal film

radar silence

radar spoking

radar tracking station


radiac dosimeter


radial displacement

radiant exposure

radiation dose

radiation dose rate

radiation exposure state

radiation intelligence

radiation intensity

radiation scattering

radiation sickness


radioactive decay

radioactive decay curve

radioactive decay rate


radioactivity concentration guide

radio and wire integration

radio approach aids

radio beacon

radio countermeasures

radio deception

radio detection

radio direction finding

radio direction finding data base

radio fix

radio guard

radiological defense

radiological environment

radiological monitoring

radiological operation

radiological survey

radiological survey flight altitude

radio magnetic indicator

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