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Military Service Commitments - What is a Military Service Commitment?


A service commitment is a period of obligated military service. For example, if you become an Air Force pilot, you have to agree to a service commitment of 12 years, following pilot training. Air Force pilot training is very expensive, and the Air Force wants to make sure they get their investment back.

It may surprise you to learn that everyone who joins the military for the first time incurs a *MINIMUM* eight year service commitment. That's right, EIGHT years! It doesn't matter if you signed a two year active duty contract, a four year contract, or even a six year contract. Your total military commitment is eight years. Whatever amount of time that is not spent on active duty, must either be served in the active Guard/Reserves (the program where one performs drill one weekend per month, and two weeks per year), or in the inactive Reserves (one doesn't perform drill, but can be recalled to active duty at any time for war, or national emergency). Active duty members who do not reenlist onto active duty, or apply for the active Guard/Reserve upon active duty discharge, are automatically transferred to the inactive Reserves once they are discharged from active duty.

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