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U.S. Military Frequently Asked Questions



Assignments. How does the military decide where I'll be assigned after boot camp and job-school? ( Click here for answer)

Barracks/Dormitories. What are dormitories (barracks) like in the military? Will I have a roommate? ( Click here for answer)

Colonel/Captain (O-6) Rank. On some military web sites, I see O-6 (colonel/captain) eagle insignia displayed with the head of the eagle turned to the right, and on other sites with the head of the eagle turned to the left. Which is correct? ( Click here for answer)

Dictionary. Where can I find out what a particular military acronym or term means? ( Click here for answer)

Draft. I'm worried about a Draft returning. What are the chances that a draft will be re-instituted? ( Click here for answer)

Military Funerals. What do the three bullets, often given to the family at military funerals, represent? (Click here for answer)

Getting Out. I've been in the military for six months now, and I don't like it. How can I get out? ( Click here for answer)

Guard/Reserve Call-Up. How long can a member of the National Guard or Reserves be called up to active duty? ( Click here for answer).

Housing. I have dependents (family members). How does housing work? Will I have to live on-base, or do I have a choice between on-base housing and off-base housing? ( Click here for answer)

Klick. How far is a "Klick" in the Military? ( Click here for answer)

Letters to Servicemembers. I want to send letters to deployed military members. How can I do this? ( Click here for answer)

Locating Military Members. How do I locate someone who is in the military, or who used to be in the military? ( Click here for answer)

Mail. A good friend of mine has been deployed and sent a letter to me giving me his APO (or FPO) address. When I mail the letter, do I have to provide postage for international mail, or domestic mail? ( Click here for answer)

Marching/Drill. I'm looking for information on basic marching and military drill. ( Click here for answer)

Military History. Where can I find out information about a military unit in World War II, or other previous time periods? ( Click here for answer)

Military Records. How do I get a copy of my military records, or the military records of one of my relatives? ( Click here for answer)

Only Son/Daughter. I have a son that wants to go into the military. He is my only son. If there was a war going on while he was in the military does he have to go to war? ( Click here for answer)

Organization. How is the Military organized? How many people are in a company, squad, battalion, etc? ( Click here for answer)

Promotions. How fast can I expect to be promoted? ( Click here for answer)

Ranks. Where can I find out what the military ranks of the different services look like? ( Click here for answer)

Recall to Active Duty. I enlisted for four years in the Active Duty Military. After I get out, can I be recalled to active duty? ( Click here for answer)

Replacement Medals. The medals I received while in the military were lost. How can I get replacements? ( Click here for answer)

Security Clearances. How deep do they dig for a Security Clearance? ( Click here for answer)

Security Clearance Approvals. What factors determine approval or disapproval of a Security Clearance? ( Click Here for Answer)

Transfers from Guard/Reserves. How do I transfer from the National Guards or Reserve Forces to Active Duty? ( Click here for answer)

Transfers from One Branch to Another. How do I transfer from one branch of the U.S. Military to another? ( Click here for answer)

Transfers from State to Another. If one is in the National Guard, how hard is it to move from one state to another? ( Click here for answer)

U.S. Flags on Uniforms. Why does it appear that the United States Flag is worn "backwards" on the sleeves of deployed soliders? ( Click here for answer)

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