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Military Separation Codes


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These codes are contained in your military records and may be annotated on various military separation documents. These codes are subject to change, and the Department of Defense will no longer allow the military services to release the meanings of these codes to the general public. The below definitions were obtained before this prohibition went into effect.

B70 - Death, Battle Casualty - Navy

B79 - Death, Battle Casualty - Navy

BDK - Security reason

BFS - Good of the Service, conduct traible by court martial

BHJ - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

BHK - Unsuitability, substandard performance


BLC - Homosexuality

BLF - Drug use

BLM - Unfitness (Reason Unknown)

BML - Homosexuality

BMN - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

BNC - Misconduct, Misconduct, moral or professional dereliction
or in interests of national security

BRA - Engaged or attempted to engage in, or solicited
another to engage in homosexual act(s)



CBL - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

DCH - Early Release - To teach

DER - Disability - Non EPTS - No Severance Pay

DFS - Good of the Service, conduct triable by court martial

DLC - Homosexuality

EKD - AWOL, Desertion

ELPAC - Entry Level Performance & Conduct

FBC - Other

FBK - Expiration of Term of Service

FBL - Expiration of Term of Service

FCM - Concientious Objector

FDF - Pregnancy

FDG - Parenthood


FFT - Physical standards, no disability

FGM - To accept commission

FHC - In lieu of discharge

FHG - Serving under suspended sentence to dismissal

FKD - AWOL, Desertion

FND - Misc reasons (Unqualified resignation)

GDK - Security reason

GFN - Released for Conditions Existing Prior to Service

GFT - Unqualifird for Active Duty - Other

GFV - Unqualifird for Active Duty - Other

GHF - Other

GHJ - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

GHK - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

GJB - Court Martial

GKA - Discreditable Incidents - Civilian or Military

GKB - Civil Court conviction

GKC - Homosexuality

GKD - AWOL, Desertion

GKE - Financial Irresponsibility

GKG - Fraudulent Entry

GKH - Lack of Dependent Support

GKK - Drug use

GKL - Sexual Perversion

GKQ - No listing at this time. However, all GK - Series appears ineligible for re - enlistment.

GKS - AWOL, Desertion

GLB - Discreditable Incidents - Civilian or Military

GLC - Homosexuality

GLF - Drug use

GLG - Financial Irresponsibility

GLH - Lack of Dependent Support

GLJ - Shirking

GLK - Unsanitary Habits

GLL - Sexual Perversion

GMB - Character or Behavior Disorder

GMC - Enuresis

GMD - Inaptitude

GMF - Sexual Perversion

GMG - Alcoholism

GMH - Financial Irresponsibility

GMJ - Motivational problems

GMJ - Shirking

GMK - Character or Behavior Disorder

GML - Homosexuality

GMM - Drug use

GMN - Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

GMP - Unsanitary Habits

GNC - Misconduct (Reason Unknown)

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