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Military Software

Military Software. Military screen savers, military game software, professional military logistics software, promotion software, and military utility/misc programs.
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APFT Score Converter 3.01
Convert raw Army Physical Training scores to Army Physical Fitness Test scores.

Army Aviation Software
Several programs designed to assist with Army Aviation. Creative Software license's these programs for free to members of the military community.

Flight Logbook Software
LogQuik is a computer logbook for tracking all the details of flying time, including recent flights, time by aircraft, time by category, military vs. civil time, and more.

Military NCO Icons 1.0
A set of icons based on military rank insignia.

Military Officer Icons 1.0
A set of icons based on military officers' insignia.

WAPS Promotion Point Software
Handy, free program for USAF enlistees. It helps you to compile your promotion points and see what you need to score when you test if you wish to be promoted.

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