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Military POWs and MIAs

Military POWs and MIAs. Information and resources about U.S. Military Prisoners-of-War, and those listed as "Missing in Action.

Purple Hearts for Former POWs
Former American prisoners of war may be eligible to receive the Purple Heart medal due to a little-publicized four-year-old change in the award rules.

Dog Tags Found in Vietnam
This site's sole purpose is returning dog tags found from Vietnam to their respective families. The site contains a list of dog tags found in Vietnam, and the sponsors are looking for families to return them to.

DOD MIA/POW Information
Department of Defense home page for information about personnel listed as MIA or POW.

Jane Fonda - A Veteran's Perspective
From About.com's Guide to Conspiracies and Extremism. Vietnam Veteran Marc Fisher shares his thoughts about Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda - Truth Behind the Rumors
From the About.com Guide to Urban Legends. Guide David Emery has tracked down the truth behind the "Jane Fonda" Email.

Friends of POWs and MIAs
Veteran News, products to promote POW-MIA awareness, related pictures of repatriations, punchbowl cemetery and more.

MIA Database (Korean War)
Online database for personnel listed as missing in action during the Korean War.

MIA Database (Vietnam)
Online database for personnel listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War.

MIA Fact Site
Facts about the issue of Americans who remain "missing in action" (MIA) from the Vietnam War.

The Wall
Online Database listing the names and details of those who's name is engraved on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

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