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U.S. Military Frequently Asked Questions

Military Pay and Benefits


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Benefits. What are the benefits for joining the military? (Click here for answer)

Combat Pay. If I'm deployed to Iraq, what pay would I be entitled to? (Click here for answer)

Enlistment/Re-Enlistment Bonuses. What are the current enlistment bonuses and re-enlistment bonus amounts? (Click here for answer)

Family Education. Does the military pay for college for spouses and children of military members? (Click here for answer)

Guard/Reserve Housing Allowance. I enlisted in the National Guard (or Reserves) and I have dependents. Is there a difference between the Housing Allowance I will receive, and the Housing Allowance Active Duty receive? (Click Here for Answer)

Housing Allowance. I have dependents. Will I receive a housing allowance for them while I'm in basic training and follow-on training? (Click here for answer)

Housing Allowance (Child Support). I am divorced (or single) but I have a child for whom I pay child support. Will I receive a housing allowance for my child(ren) while in the military if I live in the barracks? (Click here for answer).

Medical Care. How does the military medical care system work? (Click here for answer)

Movement of Family. Will the military pay to relocate my family when I attend follow-on school, after boot camp? (Click here for answer)

Pay. How much are military members paid? (Click here for answer)

Retirement. How much will I receive after I retire from the military? How long do I have to stay in to be eligible to retire? (Click here for answer)

Save Pay. What is "Save Pay?" It is listed on my Leave & Earning Statement (Click here for answer)

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