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United States Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions



The Logistics utilization field encompasses all functions performed by logistics officers, including aircraft, missile, and spacelift maintenance; supply; transportation; and logistics plans. Inherently included are program formulation, policy planning, coordination, inspection, command and direction, and supervision.

The Logistician Readiness specialty (AFSC 21RX) encompasses integration of logistics disciplines at the senior level for transportation, supply, and logistics plans. Responsibilities include directing integrated logistics processes; accomplishing joint logistics planning for warfighting support and sustainment with the Joint Staff, Unified Commands, other military services and agencies of the Office of the Secretary of Defense; and directing acquisition and wholesale logistics activities .

The Aircraft Maintenance specialty (21AX) encompasses functions of production management, quality control, and direction of aircraft maintenance, avionics, and munitions activities. Responsibilities include immediate supervisory and technical responsibilities for removing, installing, modifying, calibrating, repairing, and storing of aircraft, avionics, and munitions equipment and components. Included are aircraft engines, airframes, accessories, instruments, and aerospace ground equipment; aircraft systems and equipment; maintenance and management of nuclear, explosive, toxic, chemical-biological, and incendiary aerospace munitions; training in aerial bombing, gunnery, rocketry and missilery; and advising on installation defense and tactical employment of aerospace munitions.

The Maintenance specialty (AFSC 21BX) encompasses integration of maintenance disciplines at the senior level for all aircraft, spacelift, and missile maintenance. Responsible for aircraft and weapons maintenance programs and resources. Directs aircraft and weapons production, staff activity, and all related materiel programs. Advises senior leadership of unit maintenance capability .

The Munitions and Missile Maintenance specialty (AFSC 21MX) encompasses missile maintenance, production management, quality control, and direction of maintenance activities. Responsibilities include procedures for missile technicians; facility requirements; system hardware designs; technical responsibilities for assembly, installation, checkout, component replacement, modification, repair, testing, inspection, calibration, and systems analysis of equipment; and command, preset, and automatic guidance systems, missile test equipment, and systems components.

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