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United States Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions



The Space, Missile, and C2 Utilization Field encompasses the major areas of astronauts, space and missile operations, air battle management, airfield operations, combat control, command posts, and airfield operations management .

The Astronaut specialty (AFSC 13AX) includes commanding space shuttle missions, piloting a space shuttle, mission specialists, accomplishing on-orbit duties, operating Department of Defense payloads, and providing manned space flight consultation .

The space and missile operations specialty (13SX) encompasses operating and managing systems involved in space surveillance, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) launch, spacelift, ballistic space warning, and satellite command and control .

The Command and Control Operations specialties (AFSCs 13BX, 13DX, 13MX) includes:

Air Battle Manager (13BX) specialty encompasses command, management, and direction of air battle management operations, including weapons employment, data link operations, electronic protection and electronic attack, airspace management, TACP/ASOC operations, program formulation, policy planning, and inspection.

Control and Recovery (13DX) responsibilities include mission planning and managing day-to-day operations of personnel recovery (PR) activities and special tactics teams (STT) deploying to provide air traffic control support to airlift and transitory flight operations on assault zones within airhead areas. STTs initiate and issue clearances and instructions for air traffic separation, and ensure safe, orderly, and expeditious air traffic flow in and around assault zones.

Airfield Operations (13MX) functions encompassing policy planning, program formulation, direction, control evaluation, and coordination of airfield operations, including air traffic control, command, operation, administration, and inspection of these activities.

AFSCs 13X3/3X, and prefix C, will be used to identify individual unit commander authorizations and personnel below Group level.

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