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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Special Forces (18)
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(Note: Closed to women—see AR 611-1, paragraph 4-7.)

Branch description. The Special Forces Branch ensures com­petent and confident leaders to exploit the Army’s Airland Battle doctrine across the entire spectrum of conflict at all levels of war-fare in joint and combined campaigns as part of the Army’s bal­anced forces. Special Forces includes positions concerned with the employment of highly specialized Army units and elements to ac­complish specific missions throughout the levels of warfare (Strate­gic, Operational and Tactical). Special Forces units are designed to operate with Airland Battle in the Deep, Close, or Rear areas of the battlefield to conduct unilateral operations or support the commander in his operational planning. Level of employment for Special Forces goes from Low to High Intensity conflict, focusing efforts to accomplish uniquely specific missions as the situation dictates in both developed and underdeveloped theatres of operation. Special Forces units are comprised of highly trained volunteers, each with extensive training in his specialty. Many Special Forces missions are highly sensit Special Forces (18A).

Description of duties. Commands or serves on the staff of Special Forces units. Serves in positions requiring general Special Forces experience or training. Serves as a Commander, Staff Officer, Advisor, Exchange Officer, Plans and Operations Officer, and service school instructor in positions requiring Special Forces experience or training. Conducts area studies of potential operational areas, acquiring detailed knowledge of their geography, economy, political structure, armed forces, and history. Develops and maintains foreign language capability. Plans, controls and executes for­eign internal defense, strike operations, strategic reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and other related special operations. Develops interpersonal and communicative skills to facilitate interaction with foreign officers, soldiers, and civilians.

Special qualifications.

(a) Be a CPT or 1LT promotable who has completed an officer basic and advance course.

(b) Have a Defense language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) score of 85 or above or a demonstrated language proficiency of 1/1 or above.

(c) Meet physical standards in AR 40-501.

(d) Be eligible for TOP SECRET clearance under AR 380-67.

(e) Be airborne qualified.

(f) Have no record of punishment under Article 15, UCMJ.

Special grading of positions. For positions coded CPT and above.

Position coding. None.

Unique duty positions. Special Forces instructor in all service schools.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21


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