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Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators Description & Qualification Factors




Age: At least 19 and less than 29 at time of commission. Waiver up to 31 yrs prior to AD service.

Education: BA/BS in Math, Econ., Accounting, Business Admin., Finance, or Comp. Science/Info. - Systems preferred.


- OCS (12 wks)
- Supply Corps School (24 weeks)


- Correctable to 20/20 (waivers considered).
- Color vision not required.
- PRK and LASIK only eye surgeries waiverable.

Professional: Business aptitude helpful, but not required.

Service Obligation:

- 4 yrs Active from date of commission.
- Total of 8 yrs Active & Inactive.

Special Info:

Competitive Profile:
- "whole person"
- no integrity issues: financial/legal/drugs
- consistent superior performance
- strong recommendation letters noting leadership potential
- interview with Supply Officer enhances pkg.
- amenable to sea duty
- Applications will only be considered if available for OCS within 24 months unless applying for BDCP.


Community Overview. The Supply Corps is the United States Navy's professional staff corps responsible for the supply phases of naval logistics. The broad responsibilities of the Supply Corps are closely related to those of many executive positions in private industry and embrace such areas as financial management, inventory control, merchandising, transportation, procurement, data processing, and personnel services, including feeding U.S. naval forces and operating the Navy's Exchanges. The 2,600 naval officers who proudly wear the "Oak Leaf" of the Supply Corps are the business managers of the Navy, and they are responsible for the supply support of the ships of the active fleet and hundreds of naval shore installations. The Supply Command has the primary responsibility for providing supply support to U.S. Navy forces worldwide. The Command meets this responsibility by operating 10 subsystems designed to perform a continuing logistics service:

Navy Supply System
Navy Field Contracting System
Navy Exchange Service Command
Defense Printing Service
Fleet Hospital Program Office
Navy Petroleum Office
Navy Transportation
Fleet Support Services
Navy Security Assistance Program
Program Manager/Hazardous Material Afloat Program

Specific job elements for first tour. As an Ensign, your primary duties will be in the fields of disbursing, food service, sales & services and inventory management. This is done so that students can see first hand the different types of ships and have some input into their choice of ship platform.

Active duty obligation. 4 years active duty reserve (3105), 4 years inactive reserve.

Training Pipeline following commission. Following commissioning, Ensigns attend the Navy Supply School in Athens, Georgia. It is a 24-week course designed to give a newly commissioned Ensign the basic skills he or she needs to successfully perform as a Supply Corps Officer in the fleet. The basic Qualification Course (BQC) trains new Supply Corps Officers in five principle disciplines: Leadership and Management, Disbursing Management, Retail Operations, Supply Management, and Food Service. Following the 24-week course of instruction the officer is ready to assume a division officer role on ships at sea. During the 9th week of training, the class takes a "field trip" to Norfolk, Virginia so that the students can see the different ship types. Although some Ensigns go to shore duty after completion of the Basic Qualification Course (BQC), most Ensigns are assigned to a 24-30 month sea tour for the first tour.

Locations of initial fleet assignments. Students coming out of Athens will be assigned to fleet concentration areas, such as:

Norfolk, Virginia
San Diego, California
Bremerton, Washington
Groton, Connecticut
Kings Bay, Georgia
Ingleside, Texas
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Yokosuka, Japan

There are various other commands and detachments throughout the United States and overseas stations where you can be stationed.

Special pay/bonuses. None.

Academic/professional expertise. Although a business major or business aptitude would be advantageous, neither is required. Applications are open to all majors. Every Supply Officer receives the same "core" training as well as training tailored for the type of ship they will serve on. Applicants for the Supply Corps must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is considered competitive.

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