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Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators Description & Qualifcation Factors


3. Training Pipeline and Service Obligation. SP participants commence their training by attending Officer Indoctrination School in Newport, RI. This course is approximately six weeks in length and may be completed during a summer recess or after the bar examination. The second step in the training pipeline is Naval Justice School (NJS), also located in Newport, RI. Training at NJS is approximately nine weeks in length. Upon graduation from NJS, new judge advocates report to their first duty stations. Enroute they receive one week of naval orientation at the Naval Legal Service Office in Norfolk, VA and then spend a two week indoctrination period on a naval vessel. Service of the four-year active duty obligation does not commence until they have reported to their first duty station. (SP participants who commence active duty after October 1, 2003 will incur a four-year active duty obligation.)

4. Accelerated Promotion. JAG Corps students are eligible for superseding appointments as Reserve officers in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, designator 2505, after reporting for extended active duty. At the time that JAG Corps students accept their superseding appointments, they receive service credit (for promotion purposes only) of up to three years for the period that they were attending law school while not in a commissioned status. Having been afforded this service credit, JAG Corps students will be promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) upon acceptance of the 2505 designator appointment. Navy judge advocates are required to retain their commissions for eight years from the date that they are appointed to the 2505 designator. Service credit will serve only to accelerate an individual's promotion and determine rank. The granting of service credit to an individual will in no way affect an individual's longevity for pay purposes. Longevity for basic pay will continue to be computed in accordance with the pay entry base dated established upon acceptance of a commission with a 1955 designator.

5. Application Procedure. Selection boards meet bi-monthy throughout the year. The application deadlines for each board are available at Navy Recruiting District (NRD) offices nationwide and from our website (www.jag.navy.mil). Officer Program Officers (OPO) at NRD assist prospective applicants and monitor the application process. Formal application forms are obtained from these offices. Applications are forwarded by NRD to the Navy JAG Corps to be competitively screened. If the applicant is professionally selected, NRD and Headquarters, Navy Recruiting Command complete the application process. The successful candidate is then commissioned at the NRD. Call 1-800-USA-NAVY to find the NRD nearest you.

6. Additional Information. For more information about the Navy JAG Corps, including pay and benefits,
nature of work and possible assignment locations, please visit our website: www.jag.navy.mil. Under the "Careers" section, open the "Frequently Asked Questions."

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