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Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators Description & Qualifcation Factors




Age: - At least 19 and less than 29 at time of commission. Waivers may be considered for those who would not exceed age 35 at commission.


- Within 2 yrs of graduation in AABET/ NAAB accredited BS program (1 yr for MS).
- Collegiate: Min 3.0 GPA and "B" or better all science/tech courses.
- Applications will not be considered if appl not already within the 24/36 month windows listed above.


- OCS (12 wks)
- CECOS (13 wks)
- Three tour areas: 1) Construction Management 2) Public Works 3) SEABEES


- Correctable to 20/20 (waivers considered).
- Color vision not required.
- PRK and LASIK only eye surgeries waiverable.


- CEC officer interview required.
- EIT preferred, but not required.

Service Obligation:

- 4 yrs Active from date of commission.
- Total of 8 yrs Active & Inactive.

Special Info:

- E-3 pay and allowances, with promotion to E-4 after 1 year in program and GPA > 3.0 and no C's in technical courses. Eligible for promotion to E-5 with referral.
- Competitive appl must demonstrate the ability to consistently achieve >2.7 GPA while maintaining challenging full-time course load.
- Appl. who earn GPA = 2.7 in several semesters or show a downward academic trend may not be considered competitive.
- Comm. College appl. are eligible, but not usually competitive unless they completed challenging tech/math courses with high GPA while taking full-time course load.


Community overview. The Navy is more than ships, submarines and aircraft at sea. Hundreds of naval shore facilities worldwide-like small cities with hospitals, airfields, power plants, housing, stores, office buildings and much more-make up the fleet support establishment. As a Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) officer, you'll join a special group of officers in charge of engineering, management, planning, construction and maintenance of the Navy's shore facilities. You'll work in a variety of locations around the world in highly visible positions supervising many skilled personnel. From the very beginning, you'll get engineering management experience, responsibility and authority far exceeding that offered by a private firm. As a Civil Engineer Corps officer, you may work in any or all of the following three areas:

Contract Management. More than $4 billion worth of design and construction is performed every year by civilian construction and engineering firms under Navy contracts. These contracts will be your responsibility as the primary contact between the contractor and the Navy. You'll review designs and prepare, solicit and award contract bid packages. You'll supervise construction, identify problems and devise solutions. Navy Civil Engineers also negotiate technical and financial modifications to contracts and approve completed work.

Public Works. You'll operate and maintain the complex facilities and utilities systems at shore activities by managing a large and diverse work force of civilian and military personnel. At public works departments and centers, you'll approve and execute the designs of trained engineering staffs. In facilities management, you'll identify, analyze, plan, budget, schedule and execute needed work and repair. Planning future requirements of naval facilities is a major responsibility.

Construction Battalions. The "Can Do" spirit of the Seabees is legendary. Performing most of their work overseas, Navy construction battalions maintain the Navy's mobile construction capabilities and support the Fleet Marine Force in amphibious operations. They build roads, airstrips, bridges, port facilities, utility systems and any type of building, often in unique and out of the way locations. As a junior officer, you'll be in charge of these military construction companies, made up of 400 to 600 enlisted men and women. This is your opportunity to learn an important skill unattainable through academic study alone-leadership.

Active duty obligation. 4 years from date of commissioning.

Training pipeline following commission. After 13 weeks of Officer Candidate School (OCS), new CEC Ensigns attend the Basic Course at the Civil Engineer Corps Officer School (CECOS) in Port Hueneme, CA. The Basic Course consists of 8 weeks of CEC orientation along with 5 weeks of basic government contracting principles for a total of 13 weeks.

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